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What You'll Need Module 1-3-Basic Requirements for Federal & State

  • Learn the requirements to do business with the federal government & state

  • UEI Number (Unique Entity Identifier)

  • SAM Registration & Certification (CAGE Code/SAM Number)

  • Federal Small Business Certification (including Updated DSBS & SBA Profiles)

  • Professional Capability Statement (template)

  • (mandatory for submitting bids)


 Reseller-disaster relief-middle method

Reseller-Disaster Relief Contracts-Middle Man 4-6

  • How to become a Reseller

  • Set up your website

  • How to become a Middle Man-Services

  • How to locate & win Disaster Relief Contracts (State Pooled Contracts)

  • How to create your introduction letter (template)

  • How to create your elevator pitch (template)

  • How to price the items

  • How to connect with the right agencies

  • How to position your business

  • How to win contracts in all 3 Main Ways contracts and make the money NOW


Micro purchases & sap No-Bids

Micro Purchases & Simplified Acquisition Procedures No- Bidding 7-8​

  • Learn the process for implementing ALL No-Bids

  • Learn no bids for Reseller

  • Learn no bids for Disaster Relief Contracts

  • Learn no bids for Middle Method

  • Step-by-Step for WOSB Certifications

  • Learn how to submit a winning proposal

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