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3 Mistakes to avoid if you’re writing a government contract bid proposal:

1. You bid on every government contract available

If you are a small business owner who wants to enter the government contracting industry, sending out as many contract proposals as possible to secure your win seems like a viable option. But it isn’t! When sending out a contract bid, you say that you can confidently deliver the requested task. Your proposal should reflect your competence and willingness to commit to excellence. Anything less than what you have promised will only tarnish your reputation thus, killing any chance to win government contracts in the future. Submitting contract proposals to projects you are underqualified for is like shooting yourself in the foot. Even if you want to step out of your comfort zone by bidding on a project that is different from what you usually do, you should still find a way to play it to your strengths. Winning government contracts isn’t about sending contract proposals to all government buyers. Instead of wasting your precious resources, you should learn how to pick the best federal contract to bid on. Try to search for bidding opportunities that require your expertise!

2. You underestimate your competition

Like other types of competition, you should never underestimate your competitor’s abilities, especially here in the government contracting industry. The trust and connections of reputed contractors with federal government agencies may run deeper than you can imagine. Your lack of knowledge about them may spell your downfall in the bidding. And that is why you should pay more attention to leading thorough market research before you start writing your contract proposal.

3. Your proposal document is inconsistently formatted

This error, which is most likely borne from neglecting to do your due diligence in thoroughly reviewing the RFP document, can result in your instant rejection. Submitting an inconsistently formatted bid does not only suggest that you ignored the RFP provided by the agency, but also it shows that you are incapable of following instructions. It is undeniable that you will feel anxious while writing your proposal. But, it shouldn’t be an excuse to commit such mistakes. One of the secrets in creating an impeccable proposal is reviewing the document over and over again until it’s perfect. It would also be best to have another trusted set of eyes to check whether your proposal is up to standards.

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