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5 Best Cleaning Business Software to Use

As commercial and residential construction increase year by year, cleaning services continue to be in high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the industry will grow by 7% between now and 2028, which is faster than most other industries. Chances are, if you run a cleaning business, you're just going to get busier and busier.

Every business owner loves to hear that, but it does bring challenges you can't overlook: specifically, how do you manage a business that is getting increasingly complex?

Whether you're looking for commercial or home cleaning software, you need something that will keep you organized and operating with maximum efficiency, moving from one property to the next. But how do you choose one that works for you? We've done the research for you.

Here are the top cleaning business software options for your small business:

  • mHelpDesk

  • Jobber

  • Housecall Pro

  • Service Fusion

  • Intuit Field Service Management

What to look for in a great cleaning business software

The cleaning business is, at its heart, a field service operation, and as such you will have many of the same needs as other field service industries. But the cleaning business has a few unique needs, so look for work order software with three characteristics in particular.

1. Efficient scheduling

Cleaning businesses need software that does a good job of scheduling jobs. To be successful in this industry, you really need to pack your schedule as much as possible, so you'll need a software with good technician scheduling that allows you to fit as many jobs into a day as possible — and provides you with a good top-down view of what all your cleaners are doing so you can easily figure out who's available and who's not.

2. Administrative tools

It's important that your business be clean and well-kept — not just your customer's houses and businesses. You need software that can help you keep everything in order, from taxes to insurance to day-to-day operations. Look for options that make it easy to run the administrative side of the house.

3. Ease of use

Your business involves constantly rushing from job to job, so the last thing you want is a complex system that is difficult to use. You're going to want a simple interface that puts everything in front of you.

Also, since most cleaning jobs are fairly straightforward and there isn't a huge amount of variation, you often won't need the expensive, feature-laden versions that are out there. A maid service software program that will receive calls, track customer information, handle administrative tasks, schedule cleanings, and dispatch your cleaners is probably all you'll need.

It’s time to take your business to the next level

Good cleaning service software is essential if you want to take your business from one or two cleaners frantically racing from house to house to a larger operation with potentially dozens of cleaners methodically hitting property after property, leaving nothing but squeaky-clean counters and satisfied customers in their wake.

But you’ve got to choose the right software, because every cleaning business is different. Invoicing may be your biggest headache, while others struggle with scheduling. It’s best to try out a few software options to see which works best for you before you make a decision, and then go from there.

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