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5 Reasons Small Cleaning Businesses ROCK!!!

A recent study funded by Zendesk brought to light many interesting tidbits about why managers choose to work with small businesses,

After reading the study I did a post on one fact that can lead to higher profits. Then the next post dealt with the other side of the same coin, which is how poor customer service will get you fired.

This third post in the series deals with why managers hire a small local firm instead of the big guns that are well known. I found the reasons listed very interesting!

Reason 1 – Speed of response. Larger companies have a reputation for being slow and cumbersome. Smaller ones are expected to be nimble.

Reason 2 – Working with someone who knows the specific situation. This is true gold! They want an EXPERT. So if you can position yourself as one, you are the one they are looking for.

Reason 3 – The feeling of having a relationship. Big companies are FACELESS. You are a number to them. But small companies make you feel like family.

Reason 4 – Time to resolve an inquiry. Mangers don’t want a long turn-around time when they have an issue They want it solved. Smaller companies are viewed as doing that better.

Reason 5 – Being flexible. Managers like the idea that a smaller business can FLEX and accommodate their unique needs. Big companies try to fit everyone into a rigged service plan that doesn’t fit right.

So as you can see from the results of this study, being a small business is not a problem. In fact it’s a blessing in many ways you didn’t even realize. Now go out and embrace the fact you are a small business and beat the big guns at their own game.

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