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Can You Really Make 6-Figures In A Cleaning Business

1) Seize Market Opportunities Successful operators identify cleaning niches that are profitable and under served in their area. Assess local demand and the level of competition and jump straight into a market segment that shows promise rather than something that is crowded out with too many players. 2) Develop a Brand A good brand will grow into a very valuable asset for you and allow you to win customers more easily as your reputation grows. A brand will also allow you to charge a price premium in the market if you consistently live up to your brands promise. 3) Productivity and Systems Constantly work on improving your productivity so that you can get a lot more done with minimal resources and expense. You need to put systems in place to make sure that all aspects of your business run smoothly and effortlessly. 4) Understand Marketing Test advertising methods to see which ones are the most cost effective for lead generation. Include other methods into your overall strategy such as cross-promoting the services of other businesses, networking and ‘word of mouth’ marketing. For more information see our article on Cleaning Business Marketing. 5) A Sales Strategy Have a great sales strategy that makes the most of every lead. Refine this over time, focusing on professional appearance, understanding customer needs and sales techniques such as seeking out the decision maker and closing the deal. 6) The Up-Sell It is easier to sell to your existing clients than it is to acquire new ones. Sell them additional cleaning services, premium services or sell them on more frequent service. 7) Know How to Manage Employees Understand the process of hiring and managing cleaning staff so that you are able to free up your time to work on developing your business. To reach the ‘six figure’ income level you must leverage the time of others as you can only accomplish so much with the limited time that you have. 8) Customer Satisfaction Let your clients know that you appreciate their business and work on building strong relationships with them. Satisfied clients will refer additional customers to you. For more on this topic see out article on Cleaning Business Customer Service. 9) Understand Cleaning Methods and Techniques To be able to service your clients well and train others to do this for you, you must have mastered the cleaning trade and continually strive to stay up to date with the latest developments. 10) A Positive Attitude Don’t let the negative stereotypes that cleaners often face weaken your strength or your goals. Remember all along that while you may be doing some cleaning work, you are above all an entrepreneur in a potentially lucrative business. Having the right attitude is all about discipline and determination. You must be prepared to get through the tough times to reap the rewards at the end of the tunnel. Could you start a cleaning business and earn a six figure income?

For Sure!!!

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