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Cleaning Business Expectations Vs Reality

Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Industry Trends

Trends in the cleaning industry change over time as the needs and desires of modern businesses evolve. It’s essential that commercial and industrial cleaning companies stay up-to-date with these industry trends and adapt their practices to account for the unique demands of their market. Below, we’ll provide a brief overview of the most pressing trends in the industry today and how these trends may impact your cleaning business. Healthier Indoor Environments One of the most defining trends in the commercial and industrial cleaning industry today is driven by increased public concern over health. While in the past, commercial cleaning companies may have been cleaning for mostly appearance, today’s cleaning companies are increasingly more focused on cleaning to create healthier indoor environments. An emphasis on cleaning for health means that cleaning professionals are now held to higher standards as they are often the first line of defense when it comes to stopping the spread of viruses, infectious disease, and other contaminants in public spaces. In addition to an increased public focus on healthier indoor environments, there are also a variety of regulatory agencies and standards that can impact commercial cleaning companies. In order to remain compliant with rules from agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and meet certain criteria from regulatory rating organizations like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), cleaning companies need to focus on using technologies, products, and processes that meet the established health and safety standards. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to cleaning for health in large commercial and industrial spaces is improving and maintaining indoor air quality (IAQ). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 150 million workdays are missed each year due to poor indoor air quality and the related health issues it causes. This is a major reason why more commercial and industrial facilities are moving toward using greener, environmentally preferable products that don't leave behind chemical residues that can impact the air quality. In fact, one study showed that thorough cleaning procedures including technologically advanced cleaning equipment and greener cleaning supplies can significantly improve IAQ in commercial and industrial facilities. The study showed a 52% decrease in airborne dust, 42% decrease in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), a 40% decrease in bacteria growth, and a 61% decrease in fungi colony formations. Vendor Consolidation With the busy modern marketplace creating new competition every day, more and more businesses across industries are looking for ways to simplify their processes while cutting costs. For this reason, many companies want to consolidate the number of vendors they are using, including those they use for commercial cleaning services. One cleaning vendor means one point of contact for services with one invoice, which is ultimately more convenient and has the potential to benefit the company’s bottom line. The growing trend of vendor consolidation makes it vital for cleaning companies to provide value-added services to their commercial and industrial customers. For many cleaning businesses, this involves expanding their service offering to include specializations such as HVAC cleaning or carpet cleaning. Providing specialized services requires companies to hire new personnel or expand their training programs to accommodate these specialized services as well as invest in new technologies to improve quality and efficiency. The need for value-added services coupled with ongoing budget constraints means that cleaning companies are constantly expected to do more with less. In order to take advantage of the growing trend of vendor consolidation, commercial and industrial cleaning businesses need to market themselves as capable of meeting all of their customers’ unique needs. As commercial and industrial facilities look for ways to transfer more of their cleaning services to one supplier, cleaning businesses need to market themselves as a valuable partner supplying specialized and experienced personnel that most businesses can’t afford to hire in-house. Hiring & Training Practices Improved hiring and training processes is another growing trend in the commercial and industrial cleaning industry. Commercial cleaners lose an estimated 55% of their customers based on inadequate cleaning practices. Given the level of competition in today’s market, most businesses will not hesitate to find another cleaning service if they are not satisfied with the level of service. That’s why in recent years there has been more emphasis on better hiring and training practices for cleaning companies to ensure that staff is capable and willing to provide the quality service that their customers come to expect. When it comes to hiring, commercial cleaners need to take time to thoroughly screen their potential new employees. Not only does screening employees help ensure that your cleaning company is hiring trustworthy individuals, but many commercial and industrial facilities prefer to work only with vendors who provide national background checks on each of their employees. In addition to hiring better personnel, cleaning companies also need to make sure that their training processes are adequately preparing staff to provide high-quality service. Employees need to be trained to work fast while also working effectively to keep up with the service schedule and price points. Though this may cost cleaning companies more time and money initially, it will more than provide a return on investment when it comes to retaining business and attracting new customers.

Article Written By Tenant

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