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Federal government

The federal government is one of the biggest purchasers of goods and services in the world, and if your aim is to contract them, treating them (and the people who make decisions within the government) like any other target audience will help inform your marketing and improve your chances at being seen as a competent and low-risk contractor.

Never forget the human element when contracting – we had one client tell us that their favorite part of working with the federal government was you didn’t have to market yourself like you do to other businesses or individuals. And while a contractor may be successful without doing much marketing, we have found that appealing to the humans who work with contractors at networking events and on your website can have a real impact on the overall perception they have of your company.

Don’t underestimate how you look and appear to those who ultimately make the decisions in contracting, as any advantage you can give yourself over the competition will help you meet the goals you’ve set out to meet.

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