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Few tips to understand working with the Business-2-Government space a little better:

1. Get to Know the Market

These are the rules government officials must live by: Budget cycles, procurement regulations, organizational structures. You can't be relevant to government clients without understanding these factors upfront.

2. Get to Know Your Customer

Success in the government market requires understanding the people behind government buying decisions and their priorities so you can tailor your approach to each member of that audience. The biggest mistake most companies make is not knowing WHO is buying what they are selling either from services or products. There are times it's just ONE contracting officer that is buying your products or services and other times it could be a WHOLE panel of government buyers, it depends on a lot of factors, the type of industry, to the cost of the services or products.

3. Learn, and Speak, the Language

To engage more effectively with potential government clients, your sales and marketing teams should learn to "speak the same language" as government customers.

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