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GovClean Contracts can scale your cleaning business.

Getting started in government cleaning contracts is a great way to get your cleaning business moving towards 6 figures & beyond. Are you ready to land government cleaning contracts??? In order to get started you must meet the basic requirements.

So what are the basic requirements for govclean contracts. The first step is to obtain an EIN number from The next step is obtaining the DUNs number from Once you have obtained these two items, you would need to create an account and register your cleaning business with SAM (System for Award Management).

This business profile could possible take about 2 hours to complete. You must be registered into SAMs to receive government cleaning contracts. Once you complete your SAMs profile, you would then want to create your DSBS (Dynamic Small Business Search) profile.

Once you have completed your DSBS profile, make sure to complete your capability statement. These are the first steps to move your cleaning business towards 6-Figures & Beyond. Want to learn even more??? Make sure to register for my How to land a GovClean Contract and make BIG money.

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