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Government Contracts

The United States government spent $835 billion in contractual services in 2018, making it the world's largest employer for contract work. If you or your business can meet the government's requirements, you could end up with a healthy revenue stream. But every thing has its pros and cons, and government contracting is no different.

Whether you choose to become a government contractor could involve a mixture of circumstance and personal preference. There are some who swear by this type of work because of the many benefits and how it changed their businesses and scaled them to 6-Figures & BEYOND.

Government work still can seem confusing from how to REALLY get started to landing your first contract while still, others have more government work than they can handle.

While government contracting can be an excellent way to start or sustain a business, it's not without its downsides. I will be doing a series beginning on Monday October 24 and all next week on all the ways & understanding the steps to work with Government and that includes Federal, State & Local whether you want to go from leaving your 9-5 to begin working as a government contractor, or to become a Government Reseller and let’s not forget how to really explore the Middleman Strategy stay tuned to learn what it REALLY takes to use one of all of these strategies.

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