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Guide to bidding on – & winning – government cleaning contracts

There’s more than one type of government cleaning job

Cleaning government buildings isn’t limited to federal and state office buildings. There are plenty of other interesting, unique government cleaning jobs. You might bid on cleaning public schools or state universities, city hall, libraries, firehouses, police stations, and more. Sometimes these jobs can be more interesting than a standard office cleaning job, and they can frequently net you a lot more money. Just be aware of any specific certifications you may need to clean buildings like hospitals.

Whichever types of jobs you end up taking on, it’s a good idea to use tools that can help you manage your appointments and stay organized. Software like Janitorial Manager can help you with writing bid proposals, managing projects, staying in touch with clients, keeping track of inventory, and more. For government jobs especially, janitorial management software can be incredibly useful since many of the government cleaning contracts contain specific, nuanced details that may get overlooked if they aren’t tracked from the beginning. Additionally, the ability to communicate with the client in real-time significantly increases the likelihood of customer satisfaction.

Find the right jobs

Now you’re ready to bid on government cleaning contracts! But where do you find them? Fortunately, there are a few websites where you can look up and bid on government contracts. Sites like,, and are all great resources for federal contracts. There’s also the U.S. General Servies Administration which helps small businesses win government contracts.

For state and local bids, check with your state Department of Labor or your local Chamber of Commerce to find requests that fit the services you offer. You can also do a Google search for non-federal contracts, but make sure to search specifically in the location(s) where you’re looking to do business.

With all this knowledge and these tools, you’re ready to start bidding on the coveted government cleaning contracts. Good luck!

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