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How to become a green certified cleaning company

How to become a green certified cleaning company: What you need to get started

Being an eco-friendly cleaning business requires that you switch out potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals with newer, more advanced products made from natural resources, like plants and even some everyday household products, like lemon and vinegar. You can also help turn your business green by cutting down on petrol-based equipment or use hybrid vehicles instead of those that consume gas.

To officially be considered green, however, you’ll need certification. There are programs that will certify your cleaning business as eco-friendly. Some of them require taking online courses, while some of them will look at your cleaning practices and supplies and decide from there. Green Seal is one of the more popular green-cleaning certifications, but you can also become certified through ISSA and other organizations as well.

With so much emphasis on the environment and personal health, going green can also help you to win job bids more easily. Show your credentials when you bid on a job, and businesses will appreciate that you’ve taken the time and effort to create a sustainable, affordable strategy that helps protect people and the world around them.

In fact, some bids require that you become green certified. Government agencies, for example, expect their third-party cleaners to be green certified. Some private businesses will also only hire eco-friendly cleaning businesses because it’s better for their employees and may cut down on insurance costs. As time goes on, more and more businesses are likely to go this route, making it more critical than ever to understand how to become a green certified cleaning company and to go through with the certification.

Customers aren’t the only people who benefit from green cleaning services. Sustainable practices may also help cut down on the number of employee illnesses that may result from harsh cleaning chemicals, which means fewer sick days and more engaged workers. Not only that, but your workers will appreciate you more because you’re demonstrating a concern for their health and well-being.

This is the same reason that customers appreciate a green company. It gives people some comfort to know that the residue from cleaning chemicals isn’t going to be left behind on their job sites. And if you have one happy customer, you’re likely to have more, especially since happy customers are more likely to give referrals that will turn into new business for you.

Going green: The small print

Most organizations that will certify your company as green have a few requirements. The first is that you use green cleaning products and practices. To become certified, your business has to be almost exclusively green, depending on the agency you use for certification.

Once you’ve taken steps to become green, there’s usually an application to fill out, and possibly a fee. Then, the agency you’re working with will audit your business to make sure that you’re using the green cleaning practices you claim to. If any of your products or services are deemed not eco-friendly, the agency will help you to adjust your offering so that it does fall in the green category. You may also be required to renew your certification yearly to make sure that you’re still up-to-date with the latest in green cleaning technology and products.

When you’re certified, you’ll be able to advertise the credential along with your services, which will likely make you a more appealing vendor than a cleaning service that merely uses traditional methods. It can be dangerous to advertise your business as green if you don’t have a proper certification because doing so may open you up to lawsuits if it’s discovered your practices aren’t actually green. That’s why learning how to become a green certified cleaning company is worth the time, effort, and money, since it not only helps to expand your customer base, but it also protects you in the event someone doubts your claim.

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