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How to Create an Effective Capabilities Statement

Here are a few tips on writing your contract winning capability statement

  1. Create a Capabilities Statement to emphasize your business capabilities, demonstrate past performance, and showcase competitive advantages. It describes a firm procurement readiness. It’s a clear, concise, overview that provides information for potential customers to receive information about your firm.

  2. Ideally a one-page searchable PDF (two pages in some rare cases) that describes who your business is and the services and/or products it provides.

  3. The business summary should be brief, between 3 to 5 sentences and include your firm logo. It’s a living document and will be updated as needed. Tailor it to one of the three versions; general, industry or agency specific, or solicitation specific.

  4. The general version presents an overview of your firm and is used for general marketing events and trade conferences. It should also be posted on the firm website.

  5. The industry or agency specific version shows your firm can perform specialized types of work and demonstrates how your firm services align with the agency or industry needs.

  6. The solicitation specific version is used to address specific solicitations. Include key words and terms from the solicitation in the capabilities statement and ensure the required North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) or Product Service Codes (PSC) match.

  7. When developing, focus on including these 5 components of an effective Capabilities Statement: • Core Competencies • Differentiators • Past Performance • Company Data

  1. • Company Information.

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