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How to Determine if a Federal Opportunity is Right for Your Business

Once you have found a federal opportunity, you need to decide whether you should go after it. Government opportunities can take a lot of time and resources, so it’s important you take the time to qualify them and make sure they are right for your business.

There are 3 main questions you can ask yourself to qualify an opportunity:

1. Is the Opportunity Real?

You’ll want to determine if the government customer has the budget, if it’s competitive (so you can fairly compete in it), and if they are going to move forward with the solicitation.

2. Can Your Business Win it?

Do you have a solution that aligns with the government’s needs? Are your prices in the right range? You’ll want to ensure your business is not reaching too far on this opportunity.

3. Do You Want to Win it?

You should ask yourself—does this opportunity align with your company’s strategy? You want to make sure that you can be profitable if you win this opportunity and it's worth your time and resources.













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