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How to get Your Business to Stand Out In Front of Government Buyers

Differentiators can be one of the most challenging aspects of a Capability Statement, but are crucial to properly showcase your company’s capabilities, how you are different from your competition, and how your company is uniquely positioned to help your customer. Identifying your Differentiators and how they can be used in your Capability Statement does not have to be a frustrating exercise. With this post I hope to help you understand the mentality behind Differentiators and help you craft meaningful ones that are relevant to your target audience. Stand out from the crowd in your Capability Statement with Meaningful Differentiators These questions can help get you thinking about aspects of your business that might make quality Differentiators:

  • Why did your biggest customer want you?

  • How and why is your company the best choice for the needs of this opportunity or agency?

  • What is it about your services/products that make you stand out from the rest?

  • What is it about your people that give you the advantage over your competitors?

  • Why are your products better solutions than the others that are available?

  • Is your business located near the targeted agency?

Items to consider for Meaningful Differentiators: Metrics Are you able to save your clients money? Have you been successful in completing work in a timely manner? If you have impressive, provable metrics that showcase your company’s strengths then put those front and center of the Differentiator section of your Capability Statement. Solutions Is there a specific product or process that you have been able to trademark? If so, these make valuable Differentiators as you become the only company capable of performing that specific task or using that particular product. Location A location near the place of work can be a real boon to companies who are competing with those outside of the local area. By highlighting the proximity of your business with the customer you set yourself apart from non-local businesses and make a strong case for better customer service and risk management. People Are you or your employees members of associations that showcase their skill and talent? Do any employees train other employees? Is anyone published or an award recipient? The people that make up your organization are unique, play to their strengths in your Capability Statement. Capacity Address the ability to quickly ramp up for awarded contracts by hiring needed personnel, providing the locations, equipment, materials, and/or products. Show your line of credit, financial strength, and special teaming arrangements. Unique Working Conditions If you are able to work in difficult conditions, or have a proven track record of not interrupting current day-to-day processes while working these factors can make your business stand out from the crowd. Third Party Validations/Certifications If you, your business, or your employees hold any validations or certifications that speak to their ability to do the work required then these make for high quality Differentiators. Think ISO, PMP, CMMI, safety records, performance ratings and other professional and industry certifications. If you are still struggling to come up with Differentiators, visit us today.

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