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How to Level Up Your Cleaning Business Digital Marketing

Level up your Digital Marketing

Having a strong online presence is critical to growing your cleaning business. Online marketing can feel overwhelming, but by focusing on a few key areas, you can make a big splash.

To maximize results from your digital marketing, focus on the following strategies:

  • Website – Work with an expert to ensure your website is fast, engaging, tracking key business metrics like requests for quotes, and is up to date with SEO best practices. Bonus point is your new customers can book cleaning services directly on your website.

  • Social media – Find out what channels (Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest for example) your ideal customers use, and post content that serves them there. @gocleanco is an incredible example of savvy social media for cleaning companies. Incentivize your customers and cleaning teams to help create content for your social media accounts. If you don’t have the skills to run your social media, there are many free resources to learn how to use it online, or consider hiring staff for this. Pro tip: Sounding human on your social accounts will help grow your following and engagement. Don’t be afraid to share your story, or feature employees on your account. People like learning about the staff working at companies they know and support. If you work with a special kind of cleaning product, that’s another topic you can share about online. Give people a reason to talk about your work and your accounts and business will quickly grow.

  • Paid ads – For as little as a couple hundred dollars a month, your company can stand out on popular search engines like Google. This is a great way to target your ideal customers and increase the performance of your online marketing.

  • Local SEO – People who are looking for cleaning services will often search Google for ‘cleaning companies near me’ — make sure your info shows up for them by having a Google My Business listing. This is an easy way to gain new customers who want your service.

  • Review sites – One of the best ways to monetize a word-of-mouth referral is to ask your happy clients to write you a review on Google, Yelp, Houzz, Angie' and on your website. Most of these sites will offer you a free page to get started and have options to increase the performance and reach of your reviews.

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