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1. Develop a six-figure mindset and daily success habits Whether it's journaling, meditating or waking up at 5 a.m. every morning, you need to find the productivity technique that works best for you and develop habits that will make you feel unstoppable. You must also work on your money mindset and determine what financial success means to you. Decide on a number you'd like as monthly revenue and work backwards to figure out ways you can generate that income.

2. Understand your big-picture vision

Before you start anything, figure out your WHY. Why do I want to launch this venture? How does it drive me? Why is it important to me? Without knowing the true purpose of starting your business, you'll have no real sense of direction. When the going gets tough, it'll be easier to quit if you don’t have the big-picture vision in mind. Do you want to change the world, inspire people to action or help end world hunger? Think about the legacy you want to leave from creating your business and let that inspire your every more.

3. Discover your profit potential

Before you go all in with your business, you’ve got to know if people are willing to pay for your products or services and how much they are willing to pay. Is what you offer something people can usually get for free by reading blogs and magazines? Or is this a real problem that people are willing to pay to solve? If a version of your product(s) already exists, think about how you can make yours better. Don't let what's already out there intimidate you. Focus on making people's lives easier with your business.

4. Leverage social influence

Use social media to build a community of loyal fans. Share stories, create infotainment and useful content to attract and engage your audience online. Cultivate the love of people who are already buying or willing to buy for you. You have no reason not to be on social. It's a free tool that, when done right, can boost your visibility and position you as a leader in your area of expertise.

5. Create content that demonstrates your expertise

To have real influence online, people must know, like and trust you. The best way to do this, is to create content that positions you as the expert and as the obvious choice for them. You can create written, video or audio content that informs, inspires and entertains your audience. Consistent content creation is key to staying top of mind to your potential customers and clients. Whether you have a blog or a newsletter, find a platform to share that information and keep your audience interested.

6. Amplify your voice through collaborations

Growing your audience organically is possible if you’re committed, but real growth happens when you can leverage other people’s audiences. Create joint venture partnerships, host giveaways, contribute to blogs and podcasts, and watch your business grow exponentially. Just be sure to have something valuable to offer when pitching outlets or people with a bigger audience.

7. Think "providing value" instead of "selling"

At the end of the day, sales are what keep your business going. You need money to drive your bottom line. When you run a business, you have to sell. Most people don't like the idea of being sold to. And you've probably felt weird about the idea of selling things to people at some point. But when you can shift your mindset from selling to serving (and actually providing value), getting people to buy your products and services becomes easier. It's also the next step once you've engaged them on social and shared useful content.

8. Give your customers an experience they’ll never forget

Repeat customers, referrals and rave reviews are a sure fire way to keep your business growing. As such, you need to make sure you can turn people into fans. Not just consumers. Go above and beyond to make their experience at your store or of your product one they'll never forget. Whether it be through in-store events, one-on-one follow-up calls or sessions, give them something to write about. Make sure your product delivers on its promise as well. People will want to buy everything you put out, they will refer you to their friends and will leave glowing testimonials and reviews on your site.

From mindset to joint venture partnerships, these eight simple steps will help you skyrocket your business. Even if you apply just one or two of these, you'll have an advantage over your competitors.

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