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How to Make More Money During The Holidays With Your Cleaning Business

How to Make More Money During the Holidays with Your Cleaning Business

Normally a bargain to be had somehow at this time of year.

For field service companies, the holiday season is a great time to push promotions, boost brand image and attract new business. The holiday season is a time when people might think of using services they may not have used before. For example, homeowners with guests coming to stay may be looking for a deep-cleaning service. Business owners may be looking for a company that can help them with pressure washing of their signage to make their business stand out on cold, dark, winter evenings.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the smart ways you can promote your services and business throughout the holiday season and into the new year.

1. Give Your Services a Holiday Spin

Think you can’t put a holiday spin on your services? With a little clever marketing, you can! A service business marketing in the holidays just needs to think outside the box a little. Simply adding the word “holiday” to your promotions can be all it takes to get your customers thinking about booking an appointment before the big day. Here are some examples:

  • Holiday Oven Cleaning — A Gleaming Oven in Time for Christmas

  • Carpet Cleaning Special Offer — Get Your Guest Room Holiday-Ready

  • Exterior Soft Washing Holiday Promotion — Create a Great Impression with Your Guests

2. Package Your Services Together

Creating a special holiday package of your services is not only convenient for your customers but in a way that saves them money. Think about the things that your customers might have on their holiday todo list. If you offer carpet cleaning services, for example, they might also appreciate having their upholstery cleaned at the same time. Create a package that is cheaper than booking each service separately.

3. Partner with a Local Charity

The holiday season is the perfect time to give something back to your community and doing so can really boost your brand image. One way you can do this is to partner with a local charity. Here are some ideas:

  • Toy Drive — Every customer that gives you a new, unwrapped toy receives a promotional discount on the next service they book.

  • Local Food Bank — Ask your customers to donate to a local food bank. When they do, they will receive a coupon for your services.

  • One for you, one for them — For every service your customers book during the holiday period, you will donate a percentage of that fee to a local charity.

4. Offer Gift Cards and Certificates

For the customer whose friends and family are hard to buy for, gift cards and gift certificates for services could be the perfect option. You could choose to offer gift cards that are valid to use against a particular service or that are worth a particular amount of money. Doing so can actually help you to double up on sales. Not only do you make money by selling the certificate to the customer, but when their loved one redeems it, you might gain a longterm customer in the process. Double sales!

5. Run Holiday Promotions on Social Media

Consider running a giveaway on social media. Simply ask people to comment or like your post and hold a prize draw on a date before the holidays. The prize might be something completely unrelated to your services or you might want to give away one of your services for free, such as an HVAC service in the new year.

6. Use Live Video to Showcase Your Services

With live video available at the touch of a button, why not use this marketing medium to its full advantage? It can be perfect for showcasing your services as they are being carried out or to share advice and tips with your audience.

7. Extend Your Business Hours

Your customers are likely to be very busy during the holiday period and may not be able to book an appointment with you at the usual time. By extending your operating hours, you can offer them more flexibility that ensures you don’t miss out on a booking.

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