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How to Market Your Cleaning Business

Step 1: Marketing your cleaning business 101: branding your cleaning business is important!

You might hear a lot that you need to build your brand. So what does that mean? Branding might feel like a complicated term for a lot of people but your brand is how your company is perceived.

What is a brand? Essentially it’s anything that is associated with your business, whether it’s visual, audible, or otherwise. (You know the McDonald’s jingle? That’s a part of their brand.)

What is your ‘brand’ made up of? Usually, your commercial cleaning brand is made up of your logo, your name, your messaging, and your assets. Building your brand means building what that name, logo, and message means to your customers and your potential customers.

Your brand sets you apart from your competitors and makes your business easily recognizable. It should also spark a sense of trust and reliability among your customers and potential customers.

If you want a good example, look at Coca-Cola. All you need to see is the shape of their old bottles or the colors of their logo to know who they are and on top of that, what they mean to you as a brand. Eg. Do you like it, hate it, like what they stand for. All of that is a part of their brand.

Some important elements for branding that your cleaning business should have:

  • Name: A unique name for your business

  • Color Palette: Use one or two colors that best represents what your business stands for

  • Each color depicts a certain emotion, feeling, mood, etc. Pick one that you think will best communicate what your brand (business) stands for. (Fun fact, the emotions that colours evoke even impact the colour of the President of the United States’ tie.)

  • Logo: A unique image/text that represents your company (that will be the face of your company)

  • Positioning: Your mission & vision What do you do? What are your values? What problem are you solving? How are you different from your competitors?

Once you have your brand elements in place, the next step is to build a website for your cleaning business.

Step 2: Building a Website for your Cleaning Business

Why is having a website important? It is among the first few things your potential customers/ leads will see before they choose to work with you. It also makes you look like a legitimate business.

What should your company website include? The most important element for your website is all the branding elements that you should have put together from Step 1 of this guide. It should also include an about section that talks about your cleaning business’s vision, mission, the products, and services your cleaning business offers, and your contact information.

Building a website on your own is easy. Check out our article on Easy Ways to Build a Website for tips Once you have your brand elements and your website in place, you are ready to start putting together a marketing plan for your business. The first step to a good marketing plan is to create a goal. That goal for a commercial cleaning company’s marketing plan will usually include a group of people you want to reach with your marketing efforts.

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