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How to Start & Scale A Commercial Cleaning Business In 2022

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Starting a commercial cleaning business can be an smart way to become a successful entrepreneur and the barrier for entry is pretty low. There will always be offices that need cleaning, and one of the great things about the cleaning industry is that there are plenty of opportunities to clean all kinds of businesses. There are also lots of people who know and understand that they are not cleaning professionals themselves and are ready to leave it to your commercial cleaning company.

Are you interested in owning a cleaning service company but don’t know how to get started? You just need the right strategies and the right customers.

First, let's take a look at why anyone would want to start a commercial cleaning. It's a $105 Billion-Dollar industry, it's recession-proof, there are plenty of opportunities to become successful with a commercial cleaning business because there are plenty of clientele, the barrier of entry is very low, it does not require a lot a specialized skill set to get start and to scale your cleaning business.

1. Stable Market: Commercial cleaning offers a steady market with consistent demand. Now, to really grow within the commercial cleaning space, make sure to have your commercial cleaning positioned in a way that really makes your company stand out from all the other cleaning companies in your area. Do your research and check other cleaning companies in your area and see what they are offering and what then determine what you can offer or what you may have the opportunity to offer a better version. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, just make it better.

2. Contract Cleaning: Reliable money is one of the best things about providing commercial cleaning contracts. Most of the commercial cleaning contracts are anywhere from 1-3 years depending on your area. This allows entrepreneurs to plan and scale with certainty for the long haul. Government Cleaning Contracts offer even more long-term contracts sometime 5-20 years.

3. No specialized skillset: Starting a business that does not require technical expertise or other specialized skills. You do want to make sure to continue education yourself on ways to improve your cleaning business which will put you ahead of most other commercial cleaning owners.

4. Expensive office not necessary: I got started from the comfortable of my one bedroom apartment in Orlando, Florida. There isn't a need for fancy office space which allows you to keep your money for more important things like providing a great salary for your cleaning crew.

5. Your the boss and set your won hours: Your the boss and have the ability to build your commercial cleaning business as large and you like. It's a great feeling knowing that you have the ability to be a game changer for others in your community with providing great jobs and careers. Also, you can work as much as little as you like and set the hours that fit your lifestyle.

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  • November 19, 2021

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Source; CanvaStarting a cleaning business can be an inexpensive way to become a successful entrepreneur. There will always be homes that need cleaning, and it’s a job people are eager to handoff. Are you interested in owning a cleaning service company but don’t know how to get started? You just need the right strategies and the right checklist. Cleaning service is an affordable and potentially lucrative option for those looking to go into business for themselves. Follow along with this guide on how to start your own cleaning company. It will benefit you a lot. Why Start a Cleaning Business? A Clean environment is essential for healthy living- whether, at home, offices, industry, and public places, no one can deny the benefits of having a clean surrounding. Everyone enjoys that clean, put-together feeling. But not everyone has time to devote to the process it takes to get there and that is why there are cleaning industries. Cleaning industry research reports that there were documented 875,000+ cleaning businesses with over 3.5 million employees in the United States in 2015, and since then, the number has only grown. By starting a cleaning business, you are tapping into an enormous market with plenty of clientele. There will always be a demand for cleaning services, which keeps you in business and keeps every client’s home spotless. Below are many reasons you should why cleaning business is worth starting.

  • Stable Market: Commercial cleaning offers a steady market with consistent demand.

  • Repeat Business: Cleaning is an ongoing service business. There is always a need to clean which brings in a consistent business for you as well as a stable, regular income.

  • Doesn’t require formal Education: You or your employees don’t have to invest in expensive training or recruiting costs.

  • Low Overhead: Outside of cleaning supplies and other essentials, you can start a commercial cleaning franchise with little capital. You invest in tools and equipment as your business grows.

  • Work from home: You don’t necessarily need an office, shop floor, or warehouse. you can run your business from the comfort of your own home.

  • Be your own boss: setting up your own business means that you’ll be working for yourself. You are in total control of your schedule and expenses. You pick and choose the jobs you want to do.

  • Flexible working: being self-employed means you can work when’s best for you, whether it’s 7 days a week or mornings only.

  • No experience required: Starting a cleaning business requires no specific qualifications or certificates. All you need is hard work, determination, and the desire to do well.

Exploring these benefits and knowing your reasons for wanting to start your own cleaning business will help you stay motivated, even if you experience obstacles along the way. This motivation will make it easier to overcome any setbacks and scale your cleaning business to success. How to Start a Cleaning Business- Step-by-step Guide Below is a complete guide on how to start a cleaning business from the ground up.

  • Choose a Niche

  • Do your research

  • Pick a name

  • Obtain a License

  • Join Professional-Associations

  • Create a Business Plan

  • Get your equipment ready

  • Create an online or Social Media Presence

#1. Choose a Niche The essence of planning is to figure out what type of cleaning service you want to offer. The cleaning services industry is broad. So, think about what your abilities are and carve a niche for yourself, as you grow, you can decide to expand. Here are a few types of cleaning services you can consider:

This is one way to make sure to scale your commercial cleaning business quickly. Finding a Niche is one great way to stand out.

Floor Work

Window Cleaning Services Carpet/Rug Cleaning Carpet cleaning is challenging to start. It is not like other types of cleaning services. it requires expertise and equipment like a heated carpet extractor machine and you need to apply some tactics to stand out from the competition. Carpet cleaning involves a thorough cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing of carpets in commercial and residential buildings. A strategic location is very key to this kind of business. Also, you have to be professional and trustworthy so that you gain the trust of your customers. #2. Do your research Another important step to take when starting out a cleaning business is market research. This entails conducting a quick survey to know the selling point of other cleaning businesses in your community. In doing your market research, find out the going rate for housecleaning services in your area. This will give you an idea of what your charge rate should look like. Also, research your competitors. This way, you can know where their strength lies and develop strategies that will help you put your best foot forward. #3. Pick a name-I love this part. Make your commercial cleaning business your baby When choosing a name for your business, consider something that sounds both professional and catchy. Make it both unique and search engine friendly so that your business will pop up when people are searching for the services you’re providing.

  • Check to see if the name you picked out will make a good web domain name. Make sure it’s available.

  • Check to make sure the name you pick hasn’t already been registered as a business.

  • Design a logo to go with your name. Make it look modern and sleek since you’ll want to print it on business cards, use it on your website, and use it in other promotional materials.

#4. Obtain a License A professional cleaning service will need state licensing to function effectively. Check your state’s Secretary of State. #5. Join Networking Events Joining professional networking organizations will give you a chance to network- you never know where a business lead will come from. So you have to be open to exchanging services with other professionals. You could clean the local print shop in exchange for discounted or free flyers. You also may be able to receive discounted insurance rates for being part of one of these organizations. #6. Create a Business Plan To gain proper guidance through each stage of starting and managing your cleaning business, you need a business plan. It is a written description of your business’s future. it contains the goal of your business and tells what to plan to do and how you plan to do it. There’s great potential in cleaning services, whether you want to work in people’s homes or on a commercial level. Starting a cleaning business is like starting any small business; you’ll need a solid business plan and a good marketing strategy to help you succeed. #7. Get your equipment ready Your choice of the right commercial cleaning equipment makes a difference in terms of your overall cleaning effectiveness and efficiency. Make sure you have the right safety equipment to keep you and any employees you might hire safe on the job. If your budget is low, you can rent equipment for the first few weeks so you’ll have the chance to make sure it’s up to your standards before making a purchase. Also, you may have the ability to purchase from a pawn shop, there are times they have great gently used commercial cleaning equipment. Try to also to put money aside from your profits so that you have a ready supply and equipment for the next commercial cleaning account. Depending on what services you’re offering, you’ll need to purchase the following equipment:

  • Brooms

  • Mops

  • Napkins/hand towels

  • Toilet Brush/Toilet bowl cleaner

  • Bucket

  • Sponge

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Brush

  • Protective gloves and mask

  • Potable extractors

  • Biodegradable chemicals

  • Office Van

  • Bin bags

  • Detergent/washers

  • Wet floor signs

  • Door signs

  • Disinfectant

  • Furniture polish

  • Ladder

#8. Create an Online or Social Media Presence Creating an online presence that highlights the type of services you are offering is one of the best ways to attracts potential clients in today’s world. Social media can play a huge role in overcoming that industry problem by giving you an outlet to point out the good your company is doing. Remember, social media reviews are the new word of mouth.

How to get clients for a commercial cleaning service business Even if your commercial cleaning company has a dedicated advertising budget, promoting it in other ways still helps. Try to get extra exposure by: Market your business online Whether you’re just starting a cleaning business or have been around for decades, creating a digital presence is key to reaching new customers is one of the main ways to have a consistent amount of business. It’s relatively easy to create a simple website with inexpensive tools like WordPress or, and and some plans include features to create business logos, analyze visitor behavior, and buy ads online.

If your budget allows, you can also use to build a website and optimize it for search engine rankings.

Social media are great platforms to promote a business, so you should at least start a Facebook page. Creating a Facebook business page is free, and the advertising tools allow you to target businesses and consumers by location, age, occupation, and other criteria. If you don’t feel comfortable managing your online presence, tech companies or employees may be willing to trade digital work for cleaning services. Online reviews If you want your cleaning business to stand out online, the best way to get as many reviews as possible is online. Online reviews are great for building your authority and getting noticed in the area. They also make your business more professional in the eyes of the public. Yelp can be a useful platform to help cleaning companies grow their customer base, but you will need to respond diligently to customer feedback to maximize your social media efforts. Recurring Jobs Many successful cleaning business owners will agree that the true art of growing your cleaning business lies in recurring jobs. Selling your cleaning services ahead of time can help you build a solid cash flow and always know there will be work. You can ‘keep’ your customers from becoming regular customers by sending them emails, SMS, or offer an irresistible discount if they are considering using your service for 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year in a row. Only then will they not see your services as a one-time job. There is software that can help you organize all of that. Request customer references After each job completed, you can ask your prospects for references. If you don’t want to be too aggressive with this method, you can make use of cleaning service software, such as Genio, where your customers can log in via a simple link and recommend your business. Networking with related companies Networking with cleaning companies that aren’t direct competitors is another way to find new customers. For example, if you run a carpet cleaning business, meet the window cleaners in the communities where you work. Other small businesses often recommend service providers they are comfortable with, and you can do the favor by referring them to your existing customers. Participating in local events can also help you establish business connections in your community. You can offer your cleaning services for free to a charity or non-profit organization to give back to the community and generate positive publicity.

Cons of starting a cleaning business Commercial Cleaning business is a highly lucrative but it comes with challenges too. Here are a few things you should be aware of before you begin:

  • It’s tough, physical work: Cleaning business is not for the faint of heart. It is a highly physical job that involves repetitive movements, carrying heavy supplies, reaching high shelves, and crawling on your knees to reach the corners.

  • Income might be slow: You might not earn much money in the first months (or even years) of starting up your business.

  • It’s highly competitive: Cleaning is such a lucrative market that start-ups are popping up left, right, and center. You’ll need to keep your head down, keep on top of your competition and keep your focus on succeeding.

  • It’s stressful: Managing work schedules, employee wages, legal compliance, and advertising as well as doing the actual cleaning can take their toll when you’re doing it all yourself. Make sure you factor in some downtime.

  • Jobs might take longer than you think: It’s so important that you get your timings right and leave enough time to get jobs finished. If people have a very messy house then what you expect to take you 1 hour might take you 2 hours or more!

Conclusion It you would like to get started and scale a commercial cleaning business from scratch make sure to give us a call at (407) 986-8228 or email us at


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