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· Be Willing To Spend - To create a 6-figure coach income, it's essential to invest in your business with care and consciously spend your money. Create a positive perception and image around your business, such as hiring an assistant, web designer, or creating a course. Set aside a specific amount of income every month to invest and upgrade your business, as successful entrepreneurs do.

· Be Curious - To grow and expand your business, you need to develop a resilient attitude, especially when facing criticism. Recognize and resist negative feedback, treating it as an opportunity to develop your business. Run through negative feedback with curiosity, asking if there's truth in it and using it to improve your business. If there's nothing useful, cast it aside and move on to the next task.

· Be A Business Owner - If you want to create a massively successful business, you need to get comfortable with setting your own goals, holding a big vision for you business… And creating your own rules.

· Be With The Barrier Breakers - Creating a 6-figure requires hard work, dedication, and determination. To stay motivated, surround yourself with who have broken through the 6-figure line, known as The Barrier Breakers. Connect with successful business owners. Be reliable and seek help from successful. Adopting the 6-figure mindset can lead to a successful business.

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