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How to train your cleaning employees

Let Your Cleaning Employees Show You How They Clean

After you have given a hands-on demonstration to your staff, it’s time to allow them to show you how they clean. This can be a learning experience for everybody involved, as your janitors may have a technique they use that may be better than some of the cleaning techniques you use. Letting your janitor show you how they clean and also benefit them, as it gives you the chance to give them tips and tricks of the trade as they go.

Again, this is your chance to correct any improper training your staff may have gotten from their previous employers. Now they are letting your janitor show you how they clean is also the perfect opportunity to gauge how quickly they work. You want your janitors to work quickly enough to get the job done, but not so fast that they are missing several spots along the way. Either of these could be bad for business if your customers were unhappy with the services you provide.

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