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HOW TO WIN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS | Government Contracting Strategies

Updated: May 13

The government contracting market is complex but full of opportunity. Here are the steps you can take to grow your public sector pipeline and win more government contracts.

After finding government contracts and best-fit opportunities for your business, there are specific actions you can take to connect with the right decision makers and put your best foot forward in order to beat out the competition. By understanding the value of being proactive, how to get ahead of the bid or RFP, and the competitive landscape, you can position yourself to win government contracts.



When the federal government needs to acquire a new product or service, or has an expiring contract for a product or service it intends to buy again, it will release an opportunity for bid, a request for proposal (RFP) or another form of government contract opportunity. Breaking down that opportunity to properly prepare to answer all the questions within it are essential to proposal management and creating a proposal to win a federal government contract. This part of the process is so critical there are countless businesses available.

When you are preparing to win federal government contracts, a winning strategy can be to use market intelligence tools to identify federal spending areas well in advance, determine who to reach out to at your target agency, then prepare your company’s go-to-market strategy for when those opportunities are released in order to get out ahead of the competition.

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