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How to Write a Good Capability Statement: What to Include

There are a few things you can do as the CEO of your company to be prepared for marketing to the contracting officers to make them want to say YES to purchasing either goods or services from your business. Cost to have one professionally prepared Range from $100-600.

A Capability Statement TELLS the government buyer what you can do. Of course you must also have the ability to SHOW them when the time comes to perform:

One requirement is a Capability Statement: Here is a quick outline of what you would want to include in yours:

The following information is important to include in your company’s Capability Statement:

  • Name and company branding, slogan (if any)

  • Summary description of the company

  • Core Capabilities

  • Description of major services offered

  • Federal Small Business Certifications

  • Contract Vehicles in which you participate (Federal and State)

  • State Certifications

  • Local, Quasi, and Non-Government agencies you have served

  • Major Clients (list the most important), Commercial and Government

  • NAICS Codes

  • Partners and authorized resellers

  • Staff clearances and certifications

  • General Company information, including

  • Registered company name

  • DBA

  • Year of incorporation

  • State of incorporation

  • Corporation type

  • U-E-I Number

  • CAGE Code

  • Contact information


  • Visually appealing

  • 1 page (front and back)

  • Present information concisely

  • Use bullets, simple tables, highlighted sections for readability

  • Have someone from outside your company read your statement and provide feedback, before sharing with customers/potential customers

  • Be sure to check spelling and grammar

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