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Informing the Federal Government of your capabilities

One of the most important places anyone goes to learn about your company is your website. This goes for the Government as well as businesses who may be interested in working with you on a contract. Your site should have a basic overview of your business and how you can help clients (both Government and private sector) with their needs.

Informing the Federal Government of your capabilities is a key component to mitigating perceived risk and making sure your company is thought of when work is needed. A Government section located on your company’s website gives both the Federal Government and other companies who may be looking to do business with you a place to see everything you can do.

A section for Government Contracting allows Government employees and Prime Contractors to quickly find relevant information about your capabilities as a business.

1 – Gives Someone Looking Into Your Company a Starting Place

Websites come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some websites include a ‘Services’ section, others might have an ‘About Us.’ If it is difficult for a Contracting Officer, Program Manager, prime contractor or teaming partner to find out how your company can help them, you’re not likely positioning yourself as well as you could be.

If that same decision-maker can click on the word ‘Government’ from your homepage and see everything that your company has to offer the government it makes their overall job easier and puts you in a better light.

2 – Allows You Space to Showcase Specifically to the Federal Government

Instead of trying to craft every page of your website so that it appeals to everyone, having a separate Government section as a part of your site provides you with an area that can be targeted specifically to the market you’re trying to capture.

This way you can design this page to appeal to only Government employees and other companies who are interested in doing contracting-related work with you. This targeted-marketing can position your company to see more success in the federal marketplace.

3 – You Already Have the Content

It can be difficult to generate new content for your website, especially if it’s a part of your site that is supposed to help you see more business. You want to put your best foot forward, and in order to do that it is important to put in the time and effort and ensure your content is considered quality.

But you’ve already put together the content for a Government page and you might not even be aware of it. If you’ve created a Capability Statement or other marketing material with a specific Government focus, that’s the same kind of content you want to put into a Government section on your website.

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