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Number #1 Mistake Cleaning Businesses Make When Trying To Win Government Cleaning Contracts

The #1 Mistake New GovClean Government Contractors Must Avoid…or Forever Hold Your Peace

Although I say new government contracts, MOST GovClean businesses that are struggling have fallen into this common pitfall.

I say “new” because it’s the new small business owners who are excited and ready to conquer the world that are most vulnerable to the enticement of this mistake.

You see, this thing that I’m going to share with you is very alluring.

It promises a future for your government cleaning business that is really exciting to you.

It makes you believe that you will be winning contracts, you will be the talk of your industry, and you will even be rubbing elbows and sharing in a hearty laugh with the 4-start General at your next conference.

At least this is the picture that gets painted in our minds, and we fall victim to its trap…

In reality, this thing does little to pull your GovClean business forward, and does everything to pull it back.

The biggest problem I have with this is that it is a huge time consumer.

As a small cleaning business owner, your time is absolutely precious.

You must stand guard against the big and small things that make wagers for your time in exchange for empty promises.

No deal is worth that.

The second problem I have (that’s worth having) is the cost.

Newly registered and certified businesses are like saplings.

They need lots of nourishment and they must be protected.

The last thing a newly planted tree needs is a bunch of weeds draining away its water and blocking out its sunlight, preventing it from growing into a strong mighty oak!

I’m a pretty level-headed guy, and in my perfect world things are measurable and quantifiable.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I believe a Small Business Owner’s number 1 goal is create GovClean business that runs like a well-oiled machine.

That’s the goal.

You should have a plan of attack, and all of your efforts should be aligned with that plan.

Anything that is not aligned is a distraction, and is the equivalent of driving with the e-break on.

Unfortunately, many don’t even have a strategic plan, but that’s a topic for another article.

Without further-adieu, avoid this dire mistake or Forever Hold Your Peace… The number one mistake is trying to go after EVERYTHING. As a cleaning business that is a small business, you would have the resources to after every bid and that would cost you in two ways, money and time. Make sure that you focus ONLY on contracts that are going to win you a contract that you can execute successfully because you have way too much to lose. #smallbusiness #govclean #commercialcleaning #governmentcleaningcontracts

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