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With these strategies, you can hopefully begin to build a strong marketing plan, pipeline, and know how to network with government customers and search for opportunities. To become a successful contractor, it’s important you have a plan in place to make sure your solutions are visible to government customers and you are actively searching for opportunities.

1. Consider Teaming with Other Contractors

You don’t always have to go for an opportunity alone. You can look for teaming opportunities to collaborate with other contractors to increase your capabilities and provide more comprehensive solutions to government agencies.

Contractor Team Agreements (CTAs) are formal agreements between two or more companies to work together to achieve a specific goal. There are many reasons businesses may choose to enter into a CTA.

CTAs can offer significant benefits to businesses pursuing government contracts or looking to expand their market share. By leveraging each other’s expertise, knowledge, and resources, businesses can significantly increase their chances of succeeding in winning a solicitation.

2. Fair and Reasonable Pricing

Fair and Reasonable pricing is something that Contracting Officers look for when you are getting your initial GSA Schedule award. GSA competitive pricing is a pricing methodology used by government contractors to bid for GSA Schedule contracts. To become a GSA contractor, you must demonstrate competitive pricing. Once your contract is awarded, you still need to be cognizant of your pricing whether it’s new or existing products and services.

By conducting market research, offering discounted pricing, focusing on value-added services, offering bundled solutions, and reviewing pricing frequently, businesses can maximize their chances of winning a contract through the GSA Schedule program.

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