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Strategies to Stand Out from Other Government Contractors

As a GSA contractor, you have access to a bustling government marketplace that includes federal as well as state and local agencies. While you are part of a smaller pool of businesses and can go after unique opportunities that other commercial businesses can’t, competition still exists. How do you stand out from your competitors in this market? In this blog, we’ll discuss strategies you can use to set your business apart.

1. Differentiate Your Business

The first thing you should focus on is what sets your company apart from other competitors in the market, including any unique features, success stories, or testimonials. Highlight those unique qualities in your marketing materials and proposals.

Separating your company from competitors is crucial for government contractors to remain competitive and with federal contracts. You may be selling a similar product or service to the government as another contractor, but why is your solution the best offering? Match it to your target agencies’ missions and needs.

Some was you can do this is through:

  • Certifications: Include any relevant industry certifications, licenses, or accreditations your company has earned on your site and in your marketing materials.

  • References: Provide references on your site and in proposals when you can, such as testimonials or clients the agency can contact for more information.

  • Company Information: This may seem obvious, but don’t make the government search for your information. Make it readily available to them on all your materials, proposals, and site. You should always include your contract number, and list key personnel along with their title and contact information.

  • Creating a Capabilities Statement: We will go into more detail on this, but a well-written capability statement can help your company stand out from competitors and improve your chances of winning government contracts.

By implementing these strategies, you can increase your visibility, build relationships, and establish yourself as a trusted and reliable partner in the government contracting industry.

2. Develop a Strong Capabilities Statement

Just like you have to spend time modifying and perfecting your one-page resume when applying for jobs, you should work on developing capabilities statements to give to target agencies. A capabilities statement is a concise document that highlights your company’s expertise, experience, and qualifications.

When sending a capability statement to a government agency, it should include the following information:

  • Company Overview: A brief introduction of your company, its mission, history, and values.

  • Business Core Competencies: The main strengths of your company, including the specific services or products it specializes in and its successful track record in delivering them.

  • Past Performance: Information on the company’s past experience working with government agencies, including contracts, projects completed, and customer satisfaction.

You should include this on the government page on your website, in proposal responses when necessary, and always have them handy at networking events and industry days. It’s important to note that like a resume, this should be tailored to every agency you are sending to if you have specific one in mind.





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