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The 5 main things you must have in a 6-figure business.

· Create From Abundance - An abundance mindset is crucial for creating and generating from the belief that there is enough for everyone. Habits of Highly Effective People defines it as believing in the abundance of resources and success to share with others. Starting a copywriting business without fear of competition or exclusivity can lead to productivity, inclusivity, and creativity. When hesitant about an idea or collaboration, check in with yourself to see if there is no way to lose.

· Think Long Term - A growth mindset is essential for success, as it encourages a thriving on challenges and recognizing the journey as a springboard for growth. This mindset helps deal with setbacks and rewards effort and progress. It also helps identify the purpose or mission to work towards, regardless of immediate rewards. For example, a YouTube channel aimed to build an online community organically, without expecting immediate payment. The most rewarding businesses mix short-term direct response marketing principles with a long-term growth mindset.

· Be A Lifelong Learner - Copywriting is a skill that requires continuous learning and practice to become an expert. The best copywriters are those who have failed more than anyone else. Learning from your mistakes is essential for success. Don't let fear paralyze your potential and start somewhere to reach the top.

· Lead With Value - Emphasize the importance of identifying one's unique sales proposition and aligning with clients' values and principles. When approaching potential clients, they should ask themselves questions about how to best serve them, what they can offer upfront, why they should work with them, and their long-term vision for the company or client. Confidently answering these questions will help build a good relationship and create strategic partnerships, promoting the law of reciprocity.

· Set Healthy Boundaries - Boundaries are essential in personal and professional relationships, as they help identify and assert desired treatment and respect. Treating your business as an extension of yourself can lead to overpromising, burnout, undervaluing capabilities, and feeling obligated to say yes when you have the right to say no. It's crucial to set boundaries early on and create a healthy environment around your business to protect your own lives and wellbeing. These five mindset shifts can help take your business to over 6-figures this year.

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