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The Best Cleaning Software for Scaling Your Cleaning Business

When you decide to start a cleaning company, you’ve made a lucrative decision in the long term. With typical low overhead, barely any of the usual operating costs, and reliable demand, you have your hands on a successful small business. In fact, a recent study projected that the global cleaning services market will reach a healthy $74 billion by 2022.

However, managing a cleaning company offers its own challenges. For example, gaining clear or real-time oversight on execution, tracking work employee hours, training your staff, effectively communicating, and scheduling jobs.

Something to take note of though, even though the challenges of running your own cleaning company is no small feat, the benefits are ten-fold. And as the market grows, many cleaning business owners have recognized that relying on traditional methods to execute their day-to-day responsibilities just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Only through cleaning company software, can cleaning business owners automate operations, save time and money, and provide better service to their customers. But the benefits of cleaning company software don’t stop there.

Benefits of Cleaning Business Software Solutions Apart from the list above, we dive deeper into the many benefits of cleaning company software.

  • Digital checklists and forms lessen friction from daily activities, automate information flow, enhance response time, and build oversight on your cleaning business

  • No more second guessing employee hours or location with GPS time trackers and simple clock in and out capabilities from an employee’s phone

  • Collect employee timesheets in a click so you can export accurate payroll sheets more efficiently

  • Save time by simply booking jobs and assigning the relevant cleaners to the shift or create shifts that are up for grabs

  • Better internal communication that’s under one roof without the need for endless WhatsApp groups, lengthy text messages or multiple phone calls

As a manager and business owner, you can choose one cleaning company software for each challenge that you face. Or, instead, you can choose a single cleaning business software that incorporates all the features you really need. That’s what our list below highlights – the best cleaning company software so managing a residential or commercial cleaning business is that much easier. If you don’t have time to read through our list of the top 6 cleaning business software solutions, take a look at our quick comparison table.

Top 6 Cleaning Business Software Solutions in 2021 Connecteam For Whom? Connecteam’s cleaning business software is the world-leading all-on-one mobile-first solution that allows you to efficiently manage your organization from anywhere. Connecteam offers all the tools you need to communicate with your team, schedule jobs, track time, and organize and grow your business with the click of a button. Key Features Receiving reports and forms in real-time Simplified time tracking and payroll process with GPS location stamps Flexible schedules for easy planning and distribution Onboarding new hires, read and sign forms, and training Targeted communication allows you to reach every single cleaner Safety resources and training Pros & Cons Excellent customer service Timesheet and payroll capabilities Geo-fencing helps you know where everyone is Easy to manage staff Reasonably priced No integrations, because it is in an all-in-one solution there is no need for added integrations Pricing Price: Connecteam cleaning company software is easily the most affordable solution as it doesn’t charge you for each user, instead it offers a fixed monthly fee starting at just $39/month for up to 50 users. Free Trial: 14-day Free Plan: Yes Scale Your Cleaning Company With Connecteam Start For Free! Jobber For Whom? Jobber has you covered when you’re looking for a carpet cleaning, residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, and window cleaning solution. Depending on the type of cleaning business and which plan you sign up to, features will vary so make sure you do your homework before signing up. Key Features Customer service (CRM) Invoicing and payments Scheduling and dispatching Team management Job management Pros & Cons Assists in running a business Easy to use Good invoicing feature Could do with a better reporting feature Customer service could be improved Pricing Price: Jobber is available for $49/month/one user, $139/month/up to 7 users, and $279/month/up to 30 users. Free Trial: 14-day Free Plan: No ZenMaid For Whom? ZenMaid is primarily a cloud-based cleaning scheduling software that helps you schedule your employees for jobs, automate daily operations, and even helps bring new clients on board. Key Features Send work orders to your team in the field Send reminders to customers Automatically sends follow-ups after appointments Billing and invoicing Scheduling and dispatch Work order management Pros & Cons They constantly improve the software Simple to use Easy to schedule Missing hours when it comes to payroll Difficult to find customers prior cleaning history Pricing Price: ZenMaid charges per employee a month. If you’re solo then you’re looking at $49/month and if you have just one employee working with you, it’s $58/month. 20 plus employees will cost $229+/month. Free Trial : 14-day Free Plan: yes Deputy For Whom? Deputy is well known as an all-in-one software solution, like Connecteam, as it allows you to manage just about anything from one place. Autofill shifts, track your budget, track hours, quickly find replacements, and more – these are some of the highlights of joining Deputy as a cleaning company. Key Features Autofill shifts based on your team’s availability, profile, & pay rate See real-time attendance, including who is on-site, running late, or on break Cleaners can easily clock in and out right from their mobile phone Manage shift swapping and receive alerts for unplanned staff schedule changes Attach PDFs, videos, and important documents to your posts so staff can see the latest company announcements Pros & Cons Easy to distribute shifts Manage employees more efficiently Training helps employees know who they can delegate tasks to Suspectible to time lags More features on iPhone than Android Pricing Price: If you’re just looking for scheduling or time clock then it will cost $2.50/user/month for the bundle of each feature. However, if you need scheduling and time clock together then it’s $4.50/month/user. Free Trial: 30-day Free Plan: No DoTimely For Whom? DoTimely is a software designed to help professional cleaners manage their customer data, day to day schedules for employees, manage invoices, and collect payment. Key Features Scheduling and dispatching Invoices and payment Reports and dashboards Real-time notifications for customers and employees Customer information management Pros & Cons Helps keep businesses organized Good amount of features Timely customer support Drains mobile devices battery Prone to technical glitches Pricing Price: From $15 and $10 for any additonal user per month. Free Trial: No Free Plan: Yes The Service Program For Whom? The Service Program is a QuickBooks add-on Service Software that is compatible with iPhone, Android, tablet, or laptop. It offers real-time sync, signature capture, field printing, picture attachments, invoices, barcodes, and more. Key Features Billing and invoicing Dispatch management Scheduling and routing Customer database Recurring appointments Pros & Cons Produces accurate billing Improves overall efficiency Timely customer support Can’t bring back deleted tasks Difficult to access certain data on mobile device Pricing Price: Choose between a Purchase or Subscription model. A Purchase plan starts at $2,095/month for one user. Whereas a Subscription starts at $49.95/month for one user with an additional $295 download fee. Both plans also come with a mobile option that will cost an additional $49.95/month – includes 1 to 14 total mobile field users. Free Trial: No Free Plan: No If your ready to scale your cleaning business to 6-Figures & Beyond, then get started today with a software program that will do the work for you.

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