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The five key areas included in a successful government capability statement are:

· Core Competencies - These short remarks serve as introductions and link the company's fundamental strengths to the agency's particular needs are followed by bullet points with lots of keywords. This is NOT everything that a company is capable of. To carry out, but the firm's primary area of expertise, specifically in relation to the organization this Capability Statement is written for, its stated goals, and the opportunities found.

· Past Performance - List previous clients who your company has completed similar work for first. Prioritize beginning with the relevant agency, moving on to all federal, other governments, and commercial contracts. If past projects don't speak to the requirements of the intended agency, don't list them.

· Differentiators - The government market is incredibly competitive. Contractors are responsible for surviving in this cutthroat industry and outperforming other contractors. many businesses who lack a defined value statement and are attempting to grow sales to the government market. Describe how they differ from the competition. A direct, concise assertion. What will aid in buying and purchase is information that relates to the particular demands of the agency. People, program managers, and end users are aware of the advantages of choosing your company various rivals.

· Company Data - Include a brief firm description with one or two sentences outlining the relevant history. Include information about your company's size, revenue, personnel, and the average geographic area you serve. Readers who want more information will go to your website. Make sure your website is government-focused and updated frequently.

· Contact Information ­- Display contact details on each side (page) of the document, including a web address and the name, email, and phone number of a specific person.

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