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These tips below are proven to help you Stand Out from Other Government Contractors

1. Attend Industry Events

 We’ve touched on this before, but make an effort to attend conferences, trade expos, industry events, and other meetings where government representatives are in attendance. Use these events as opportunities to network, promote your company, and discover the needs of government agencies. However, don’t just sign up for every event you see. Be strategic in the ones that are most relevant for you and will be the most beneficial.

2. Research Opportunities

We cannot stress this one enough—stay up to date on potential contract opportunities by monitoring federal procurement websites, industry publications, and social media such as LinkedIn. Researching government opportunities can be challenging, but with the correct approach, it can help you to identify potential government contracts and upcoming solicitations.

Use Market Research Tools

There are multiple market research tools offered that can help you assess procurement opportunities in the government marketplace, research forecasts, review upcoming government expenditures, and track government agencies contracts. One of the most popular and easy to use is the System for Award Management (SAM), an official website of the U.S. government that provides information on active government contracts.

There are other free tools you can use such as GSA eLibrary, USA Spending and Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS).

Remember that researching government opportunities is a continuous process. It requires commitment, making contacts, and a willingness to discover various government contracting procedures. By devoting time and effort, you can recognize opportunities and successfully pursue government contracts.








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