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Other People’s Definition of Success

“Success” means something different for everyone. Once you understand this, success becomes part of your identity. Only you can define success for yourself.

The problem is, most people let others define their success for them. This is a recipe for an empty, hollow life based on impressing others, not actually achieving meaningful goals important to you.

If you want to become a truly successful entrepreneur, making six figures and really making a difference in the world, your definition of success must be your own. Only by defining success yourself can you truly unlock the motivation, passion, and energy necessary to achieve that specific dream.

Fear of Judgement, Failure, and Rejection

“The worst part of success is to try to find someone who is happy for you.” – Bette Midler

If you post an update on social media saying “I got the job!” you’ll probably get dozens, even hundreds of likes and comments from supporters congratulating you. Everyone can relate to that feeling.

But if you post an update saying “I just started my own business!” you might be surprised to see only a handful of well-wishers and likes.

That’s because most people have a hard time understanding and supporting unfamiliar dreams, like entrepreneurship. In fact, you may even receive more discouraging and condescending comments, people asking if you’re sure you want to go that route, that it’s going to be hard and tough, and why don’t you settle for a safe job like accounting or something?

But if you want to become an extraordinary, six-figure entrepreneur, you must give up your fear of judgement, failure, and rejection.

These are dream-killers. Sadly, most people let others judge their lives this way, even if these people are the least qualified to make judgements. For some reason, broke, unhappy, restless people have a habit of tearing down others’ wild dreams.

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