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· Improve page speeds - Google prioritizes slow-loading pages, so using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights can help improve your site's load time and attract more users.

· Use content marketing to help educate your audience about your industry - Government representatives will use the internet to research the industry in which they plan to award a contract. Depending on the individual, different knowledge and familiarity levels will exist. Others may simply have a basic comprehension of what you do, while some people may be familiar with it.

· Use web design and development to set a positive impression of your business - Web design and development is a critical component of marketing. Investing in your site’s design helps you set a positive first impression with government officials and keep them engaged on your website. To start with web design, you must decide if you’re going to use a website builder or partner with a web design company to build a custom website.

· Make your website mobile-friendly - Over 50% of Internet traffic now originates from mobile devices, where more individuals are searching for businesses. By including responsive design, you can make sure your website is compatible with mobile devices. Your website will be able to adjust to all devices with responsive design, providing the optimum user experience.

· Focus on user experience - Providing a satisfying user experience is essential to maintaining visitors' interest in your website. Features like multimedia and streamlined navigation can improve user experience on your website and keep visitors interested.

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