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Top 10 Things Commercial Cleaning Business Challenges

Running your own business may be incredibly liberating, but it also comes with a fair amount of issues you have to deal with. Some are minor while others may drive you up a wall at times. I know I questioned my sanity from time to time over the years. I would lay in bed and wonder how it would all work out at times. So many variables, you just couldn’t predict the outcome reliably. And I was running my business before COVID hit! I often wonder how I would have handled that problem. Anyway, I did a little homework and found a study on the main non-COVID issues associated with small business ownership. Here are the results: Top Non-COVID Challenges Associated With Small Business Ownership

  • 23% Lack of capital

  • 19% Retention of employees

  • 15% Marketing / Advertising

  • 14% Time management

  • 13% Administrative work

  • 8% Managing or providing benefits

  • 7% Other

That’s quite a list. And yea, I agree with pretty much everything there. I had issues across the board!. Money sure was tight in the beginning. Employees quit all the time or were hard to find to begin with. I knew nothing about marketing at first. My time management sucked (and still isn’t good). I don’t like paperwork. I passed on the benefits issue plus I had a lot of the “other category” thrown in too. Anyway, what do you think? Does that list look familiar to you? Share and enjoy!

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