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Understanding What a Deep Cleaning Is...

Deep Cleaning

When I hear the phrase deep cleaning, I think of spring cleaning. When I was a child, twice a year, my family would get together and seriously deep clean. We would wipe down walls, doors, sinks, the tub, and the shower. We would get a steam cleaner or rug doctor and we would clean the carpets as well.

A deep clean is going through your house and seriously focusing on the things you do not do daily. For example, how often do you get the cobwebs from out the top corner of your ceiling? If you are like me, you probably just do not think about it due to how fast and crazy life is these days. Let’s talk about ceiling fans, this is one of those things that tends to gain a ton of dust due to it being just not thought of when doing a quick tidy up during the day.

Another place you may decide to clean when you are performing a deep clean is in the kitchen. Many times, I know I am guilty of this, we will just wipe down the countertops, the stove, and the fridge. But how often do you clean the inside of the oven or the inside of your fridge? I mean, take the fridge apart and clean it inside and out. I clean food containers once a week and wipe down the shelves once or twice a week in my fridge. However, I will only seriously take all the shelves and drawers out of the fridge and clean them every six months or so Carpet cleaning is a huge task when you are conducting a deep clean. Steam vacuums such as a rug doctor are usually what is used when cleaning carpets. Steam cleaners are known for getting the dirt and bacteria that settle to the bottom of the carpet. There are many different products that you can use to clean carpets. Depending on your household needs, you may look for child-safe, pet-safe, or even chemical-free carpet cleaning products.

When performing a deep cleaning, some people like to move furniture and appliances from the walls to make sure that nothing is lingering. Moving furniture and appliances allows you to clean areas that you are not able to get daily.

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