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What does it take to reach that six-figure mark? Here’s some tips for you!

For many entrepreneurs, business owners, and doers, hitting six figures is a huge milestone in business. So, what does it take to reach that six-figure mark? Here’s some tips for you!

Have FUN while pushing your limits.

When you expand or launch something new, make sure you’re having FUN and you’re not focusing all your energy on numbers and turnout. It’s easy to forget that you’re supposed to be having fun while running your business. And if you’re not, then it’s time to try new things to tap into more joy when building your business.

Think of it this way, not having fun while running your business is like spending your weekends in the grocery store—you’d rather be somewhere else! And that’s just not the type of energy you want to be putting out there.

Find people who believe in you.

Find people who have done it before, who will challenge you, and who will cheer you on. Whether this is a teacher, mentor, family member, or friend, you need someone in your corner who is helping to teach you new things. Because (and this may sting) the truth is that you don’t know everything. It truly takes a village!

And if you’re an entrepreneur, you DEFINITELY have room to learn. After all, entrepreneurship can feel like a huge question mark. But if you’re ambitious, like me, and you want to keep growing, believe me, it’s critical to be open to learning from someone and asking for help. No one built ANYTHING hugely successful without mentors, guides, friends, or a team.

Whatever you do, don’t give up.

If you’re not at six figures yet in your business, don’t give up. Chances are, you’re closer than you think you are. And if you stay the course, seven figures will be your next goal. And if that sounds crazy, maybe you’re not dreaming big enough!

Stay the course and remind yourself how powerful you are—because you ARE powerful. When you need a lift, go ahead and read the self-help books, watch the YouTube videos, and dive into the confidence tools to help you stay focused on your vision. You are the creator of your life. The power is in your hands, and you can create any type of success that you want.

That’s it, really! But here’s the last thing you need to remember: finding success can be easier than you think. Yes, it’s going to take hard work. Yes, you will work late nights and miss out on sleep building your dream. But reaching your goals CAN be easier when you believe that you will reach them and give yourself a break once in a while.

Don’t be afraid of going big. Be afraid of staying small. You’ve got this!

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