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Ms. M

The founder of Academy of Kleening & Government Contracting Services started her first facilities management business in 1998 in her one-bedroom apt. Within 9 months Encore Services Group, LLC. had grown into a 6-Figure business providing service to a multitude of businesses. In 2008, she started scaling her business using government contracts and took the business even further.

Mrs. M enjoys sharing the knowledge she has learned with other business entrepreneurs to scale their businesses to 6-Figures & Beyond.


We are one of the few organizations to offer service packages for Small Businesses to enter the Government Contracting arena and be set up for success.

Victoria is a Women Owned Small Business and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. She has been awarded over $10.5 Million Dollars in government contracts including contracts with-GSA, Capitol Hill, Germany Embassy, DOT just to name a few. She has won contracts for her clients that has resulted in well over $20 Million in various NAICS Codes, but her main love and focus is on government Contracts for Small Business entrepreneurs. Her goal is to scale over 1,000 businesses to 6-Figures &; Beyond by 2024 utilizing government contract.

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