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Disaster Relief Contracts Workshop Cover

DAY 1:

  • Registration

  • UEI

  • Cage Code

  • Disaster Response Registry

  • FEMA Vendor Form

  • State & Local Registrations-All Attendees will receive a walkthrough on how to register with their state

  • Pool Contracts-The type that was shown during the masterclass and will be shown here on how to meet the pre-qualifications for Pool Contracts, how to locate them, and how to land a Pool Contract

  • Elevator Pitches to Prime Contracts/Contracting Officers Capabilities Statement (Swipe File Template)

  • Subcontractor & Contracting Officers Introduction Letter (Swipe File Template)

  • Mindset Module for a 6-Figure CEO

DAY 2:

  • Locating Contract Opportunities for each attendee (we will share the screen and demonstration on Contract Opportunities, how to locate and read opportunities)

  • See who is winning the Contracts and how to reach out to them Walkthrough how to win Sole Source Contracts (This is where the contracting officer can award the contract directly to your company)

  • DIBBs or Product Selling

  • Federal Procurement Data System

  • Networking Opportunities

  • How to receive continued access if Contract Opportunities are not located on day 2.

DAY 3:

  • Locating bid opportunities together.

  • Instructions on using our bid platforms to locate YOUR bids.


  • Access for 2 weeks to our Bidding Platform

  • Quarterly Special Workshops

  • Upgrade to any future workshops/course with applied credit for this workshop.

  • Success Support Team Assistance: Tuesday-Thursday


Once you submit a one-time investment payment of $397.00, you will receive an email to get you started.

Space is limited to 20 students per workshop. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 407 986-8228.
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