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  • How do you customize your services for cleaning companies?
    Yes, we specialize in government contracts only. That's all we do so that we can provide customized packages for small cleaning business to work towards scaling their business towards 6 figures & beyond.
  • How do I know that GovClean Contracting Services, Inc. is the right consulting agency for me?"
    We have been in the cleaning marketplace since 1995 and have been where your cleaning company is starting out. So we know a thing or two about scaling a cleaning business towards 6-figures & beyond. We have started 3 successful cleaning business with over 300+ employees and this is what we do.
  • My company is struggling in a changing marketplace. Can you help us stay relevant?
    Yes, we government cleaning contracts your cleaning company to stay relevant and scale at the same time.
  • Does my cleaning business need previous government cleaning contracts?
    No, your company does not need previous government cleaning contracts.
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